Thursday, December 30, 2010

The new decade ahead!

Today is Thursday, December 30, 2010!  With only a little over a day left in the year with us and moving forward to the new year, I have been thinking about all that has happened in the past 12 months.  It has been a good year for the most part, nothing too drastic has changed for me, my life is pretty ordinary.  I am not complaining as I rather enjoy the routine I follow most days.  I am up fairly early, Molly Cat insists on that and I am not one to argue with her.  Her joyful prancing about the bedroom makes me smile and moving on with the day seems a small matter when it brings the wee furry lady such happiness.  A fresh cup of kitty chow along with a bowl of treats and a fresh container of filtered water, and my little gal is happily crunching her way through a snack whilst watching with interest to see what I will do next.  Not that any one day is terribly different from another, but for a fur child, anything that moves is of interest.  Consequently, getting dressed involves a tussle over stockings, my chosen shirt may be found wiggling on the carpet with a tiny head peeking out of a sleeve, slyly trying to entice me into a game of chase.  Morning is Molly's favourite time of the day as is evident from her antics.

By early afternoon, I make my way to the computer to take care of e-mails, both sending and receiving messages, have a quick or not so quick look through Twitter, chuckling over tweets and responding before I head off to looking over the blogs that I follow.  This decade has proved beyond a doubt, to me at any rate, that living without a computer is not an option to be considered.  How do people live without a computer in their home?  I ponder this and think that this must have been the way my parents felt about having a telephone, television, and automatic washing machine added to their home.  Every decade brings about improvements in our lives and changes to our lifestyles.  Some changes are for the better, some questionably so, but in the end, we usually find the benefit of change.  And so we should, as trying to hold it back is pointless and would only be possible for a short while.  Change is inevitable, it will happen with or without our blessing.  The changes in our lives bring about more changes which often necessitate even more changes, and life goes on.

The point in all this is that we are about to embark on a new decade.  Do you remember all the hullabaloo about the new millennium and the dire predictions made about what might happen at the stroke of midnight as we moved into the year 2000?  I remember staffing being doubled in the building I worked in, for the shifts leading into the new year and for all shifts in the period of that January 01 and January 02.  I was to work the midnight shift, the first official shift of the new year, along with another co-worker in the department.  Our shift did not officially start until 12:30 a.m. and we both made sure we were in early to sit with the afternoon clerks to welcome the new year and possibly the impending chaos.  Just after the stroke of midnight, supervisors from different departments called in to check with us to see if anything had happened.  The power was still on, the computers operational and most definitely, the telephone system was functional.  The new year had arrived as had the new decade, the first of the new millennium, without a problem.

The decade brought with it many new and wonderful events as well as heart break that would put the world in mourning.  Medical advances were made in all areas but the loss of life in tragic world events gave the decade a somewhat sombre tone.  No one will forget this decade, the reasons indelibly etched in our memories, now and for the rest of our days.  We have had so much sadness in this decade, but, we need to believe that the new decade will bring the return of comfort, joy, and happiness to the world  as a whole.  I want to believe this, I truly do.  More so, I hope that you believe that this can and will happen.

I want to wish you all the happiness and joy possible in the year and decade to come.  Let us hope that the events of this new decade are remembered for all the right reasons, that there are joyful moments for all.  I know realistically, joy is balanced by sorrow, but it is my sincere hope that the sorrows of the decade never outweigh the joys for you and yours. 

Molly and I will continue to enjoy each other's company if that is what is in store for us.  I hope that you continue the journey with me that I started not so long ago in hopes of documenting artistic pursuits and the joy to be found in them.  Maybe, I will even be able to convince you to start an artistic journey of your own. 

Sincerely,   Rutheemac

P.S. I have put up three of the four paintings I did Wednesday evening.  Three more canvases have the backgrounds painted in, but nothing else of this point.  If yesterday is any indication, my painting is going to continue strongly into the new year.  With a fresh supply of canvases, I am ready to welcome the new year in my own way.  Here is hoping the flow of new work continues and that my journey brings about many new pieces of work in different areas of art!

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