Friday, May 20, 2011

It has been a long time!

I am so sorry about the delay in putting up a new post.  My computer and I were having issues with "blogger" and it would not allow me access to put up a new post.  I have been fighting a good fight and decided on a new approach today.  Since it seems to be working at this point, I am hoping the little gremlins that were stopping my access have been stomped on viciously and eradicated from my system. I get a tad vicious when provoked beyond a certain point so I apologize for my comments that may have offended any lovers of gremlins.

I have settled into my new flat, although there are a few boxes that need to be gone through still.  Molly Cat is loving the afternoon sunbathing sessions as well as the sunny windowsills that beckon her to sit for a while.  As for me, I have had some problems with sleeping  or rather not sleeping.  My body would only allow me to shut down completely for three to four hours and stay awake and miserable for the balance of the day.  Not a pretty sight!  I looked the way I felt and was desperate to find a way to settle myself down into my normal routine.  I think I have the solution - lavender/chamomile oil dabbed on my forehead at bedtime along with taking the usual medications seems to be working!  Amen to that!  I have now slept for two nights in a row and am hoping that I keep this routine working for me.

I still need to push myself into the studio and do something art related to sooth my soul.  I spent so much time unpacking and organizing things that I neglected the artistic side of life for far too long.  I hope to remedy that situation within the next day or so and get messy and happy with some paints or whatever happens to find its way to my hands first.  I feel settled, grounded at this point.  That is something that I have not felt for a long time and I am so happy to feel it again.  Moving into a new home is a lot of work no matter how organized you are when it comes to packing.  Susan O'Neill  (@oneillpaintings on Twitter) will no doubt vouch for this as she also moved recently from a home where she had lived for many years.  Her web site URL remains the same  I hope you take a visit over there and check out her wonderful sight.

Another wonderful lady has started up a new web site.  Julie Anne Rhodes, who is a personal chef, has started a new web site that incorporates her blog, recipes, menu plans and so much more. Check her out on Twitter as @JulieAnneRhodes and on her web site,  You're going to love this lady as much as I do and the site is so amazing.  I highly encourage you to sign up for a membership.  For the cost of a large elaborate coffee laden with whipped cream, you can get your hands on great recipes and join in on the forum where we talk about all sorts of things related to food, food preparation, menus and so much more.

So, that is how my world is evolving at this point!  Liza, so sorry for not putting up your comment earlier!  That again was part of my access problems with my blog.  I'm glad you like the yellow and white tablecloth, Molly Cat has a matching place mat on the floor just so she feels special.  I am planning a small dinner party for a few good friends who helped me.  Hopefully this will be in the next week or two.  Maybe if I am daring enough, I will take pictures of the food for Julie Anne and everyone else to see how my cooking adventure turns out.

Now, as long as all remains well with my login and blogger format, I hope to be blogging regularly, mostly on Sundays  for the time being.  I hope everyone is well and involved in something artistic right now.  I would love to hear all about your adventures!

Sincerely,    Rutheemac