Sunday, June 5, 2011

Back online and back in the studio again!

Hi there!  Happy Sunday!

It has been a rough ride for the past while and I have had to fight a few battles along the way.  For some reason my computer has been acting up and when my anti virus program had to be updated with a new version, my online access to many of my programs had to be reestablished.  I was not amused and it has taken me a lot of computer time to get connected again.  One evening, I spent over three hours with an online tech support team trying to help me get back into an e-mail service so that I could retrieve a temporary password that would expire shortly and make it necessary to go through a whole download process again.  I was so not amused!

After a lot of time setting up new passwords and accessing my files, I am back online and able to access my blog through another server.  I highly recommend Firefox as a backup server.  Downloading it to my desktop has literally saved my sanity this past week or so and I have been able to retrieve my blog.  All my other programs seem to run well with this server, but I still use Internet Explorer for a lot of my computer work.  Both Internet Explorer and Firefox (also known as Mozilla) are considered to be secure servers, but as in all cases, you need to ensure your safety online.  Use difficult passwords that utilize both lower and upper case letters, numbers as well as symbols.  Change your passwords periodically and don't use the same passwords on other programs.  Each time you need to use a password to log in on a program, make it unique to that program and not a password that you have used on another program.  You risk a lot by not following this advice and should read up on internet security every so often so that you know what is happening in the cyber world and what to watch for while online.  Check out any information that your anti virus program has available about current risks and make sure you update your system at least once a day and run a virus scan.  Back up your documents and do not take risks with your data.

Now, enough with the preaching about internet servers and back up plans.  I have managed to find some time here and there to play with some acrylics, canvas and other supplies.  Three mixed media pieces are in development at this point and hopefully, I will find some down time to play with these pieces more this coming week.  Last week was devoted to cooking for dinner guests who were coming for their first of many meals at Chez Molly.  Both nights of festivities went well and now I am caught up on entertaining for a while and back in art creativity mode or so I hope.   I cannot say where these pieces are heading artistically, but they are moving along slowly but surely in a most interesting way.  For some reason, the mixture of colours and the way they have spread out on the various canvases has me thinking about textures, three dimensional effects and most intriguing to me, dreadlocks.  I am not completely sure how I will work dreadlocks on the canvases or whether they might only show up on one canvas.  I am completely torn which way to proceed with this project, but I will proceed and work out what seems to be a puzzle or pattern in early development stages.  I am enjoying feeling totally engrossed in art again.  It has been a long time since I felt this in sync with a project and it is a good feeling, so fun to feel this way again.

Life is moving along slowly but surely at this point.  I am feeling comfortable in my environment and capable of working on artistic pursuits again.  I thought that I had lost that initially when I moved into the new flat, but I think now that I was just transitioning and had to make myself develop a routine to encompass the work to maintain the flat, a plan to run errands even when I did not feel like going out to shop and most importantly, I needed to work on a plan to make time for playing with my artwork in a studio that I have been wanting for so long.

That is how my life is playing out right now.  While I am working slowly in the world of art, I am happy just to be putting brush to canvas and thinking about other interesting elements to add to my work.  Mixed media is calling out to me as are certain colour palettes.  I am feeling more in control of where my life is leading me, in fact, I feel that I am leading the way and developing life on my terms.  That is a good feeling to have and one that I have not enjoyed previously.  Maybe this will be the year that I make some strides forward artistically and manage to draw more interest to my work.  That is what I am hoping will happen, but I have to work on this development and growth persistently to get results.  I think this is doable and I am willing to put in the sweat equity.  I will try to post weekly now that I am back online and hope to show you some of the works in progress when they reach a point of being something worth seeing.

Sincerely,  Rutheemac

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