Sunday, January 8, 2012

Another week gone by!

I am finding that the older I am, the more quickly that time seems to pass.  This is not a major break through in thinking by any means, but it is a quick shot to more delicate prod to make the most of each day.  That means setting realistic goals and trying to meet them head on, but not beating myself up if I do not reach the end of the line in the time frame that I arbitrarily set for myself.  One never knows what one is up against each week and this past week was no different.

Monday was pretty much like Sunday, a holiday before business resumed with a vengeance after stalling out for the New Year's celebrations.  Let us face it, everyone really needs a time out right about this time.  There has been an over indulgence in all ways of life; spending, partying, spending, eating and did I mention spending?  Surprisingly, the shoppes were filled with people still spending money or digging further into credit hell.  I realize that there were wonderful sales to partake of and so many new clothes, shoes, boots, pieces of jewelry and so on to indulge in and set oneself up to sail into a new year fashionably albeit, a tad poorer.

I did go out for one little bit of shopping on Wednesday.  I felt that the day would be calm enough for me to travel about without slowing people down in their travels.  I do not move quickly and it takes me time to focus on items that are on my shopping list.  And so, I set out to purchase a calendar, a flash drive and some oils to burn to scent the air and bring on some good karma in the studio.  Calendars were on sale and I quickly found one featuring Georgia O'Keeffe's art.  I really enjoy her works and the large calendar adds a punch of colour to my kitchen and allows me to make note of appointments.

Next on my list were the oils for burning in the studio.  A shout out to my sister is being inserted here. Do not be alarmed! I never leave burning candles alone and the oil is put in the burner along with a small amount of water and the small tea light candle is left to burn for about 15 to 20 minutes and then put out.  I am more than well aware of fire safety and actually have a certificate showing that I took a safety course and know how to handle a fire extinguisher.  Back to the oils!  I found quite a selection to choose from and had to decide what fragrance would stimulate my senses without overpowering them.  A mixture of sandalwood and ginger seemed to fit the bill as well as a bottle of tea tree with citrus for alternate days.  I like to have a bit of a variety and since the bottles were reasonably priced, both made their way home with  me.

Last on my list was a flash drive so that I could back up the new computer which had arrived two weeks sooner than anticipated.  I have been playing around on it and find Windows 7 to be fairly user friendly, but had not given thought to backing up my system with one flash drive to hold the original settings, just in case, and another to use for weekly backups in addition to the online backup.  Note to self - watch for sales on external hard drives!  Anyway the one flash drive I had bought in preparation for my back up was quickly used and the realization of the need for a second one meant that this shopping trip was going to end in a technical area of a shoppe.  Thank goodness for the knowledgeable young man working the section of the shoppe.  I am sure he has more fun with the younger customers, but he was more than patient with my questions and helped me find the piece of equipment best suited to my needs.

And so, where did the week take me artistically?  Not as far as I would like to have progressed, but I did come to some decisions as to how to proceed with some discoveries.  People who really know me, understand that I have a desire to play with blank journals and no piece of blank paper is safe from my doodlings  I have been known to sit through lengthy meetings drawing coffee cups on my pad of paper which should really be filled with notes of what was being said.  The notes got made, usually with a visual cue as to how I felt about the progression of said meeting and a few other thoughts best left to visual representations.  Once the notes had been transcribed, the offending papers were sent to the shredder and I now wish I had clipped the little drawings and placed them in one of my journals for posterity.  Not that these would be widely shown, nor should they be.  I think of a journal as a diary in many ways.  Only these journals would be capturing my thoughts along with some words, mixed media and so on, to put my ideas down on a page.

Not to fear, I have not forgotten my challenge to produce 5 greeting cards per weekday for a total of 25 per week.  Although that was not to be during the last week, I will get back on schedule for the most part this week.  I am determined for this to happen and will endeavour to do so as much as possible.  Life has to move on and I realize that I have been spinning my wheels for the past few months.  Health issues aside, and I wish they were, I am going to move forward and push myself to reasonable limits and make art more of a priority this year.  Afternoons will be spent in the studio for the most part and quite likely the early part of the evenings.  I feel a change in the seasons with the days being just a tad longer.  This is just what I need to fuel my soul now.  Although spring is still weeks away, just being able to see a change in the amount of daylight brings hope.  And, hope will bring a renewed sense artistically of where I want to head on my journey.

This week brings about a long awaited appointment regarding my hands.  I have had carpal tunnel problems for years and my doctor feels that someone should do some testing on my wrists.  I have mixed emotions about this appointment and the thought of someone cutting into my wrists is not something that makes me feel any sense of comfort.  This week is just for diagnostics and discussion after which I will need to make a decision as to whether or not to proceed.  I would love to hear from anyone who has undergone this surgery and know if you were able to take care of yourself immediately after the surgery.  How long did it take for you to regain the strength in your hands or did you lose strength?  I am desperate to know how others feel about the surgery.  I have read about the procedure on the internet, and truthfully was not impressed with what I saw or what I read of others' experiences.

So, while I plan to make the most of studio time this week, my mind is stuck on other things going on at the same time.  I will try to lose myself in just playing with colours, doodling, sketching and other pursuits.  Reading is also high on my to do list.  Each day will be filled with as much as I can accomplish, but within reasonable expectations.

I would love to hear how the first week of the new year played out in your world.  Click on comments and tell me what you are up to or what you hope to achieve this week, month or year.  All the readers will be encouraged by reading your plans.

Have a super week!

Sincerely,  Rutheemac


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