Thursday, January 27, 2011

A side trip down a folk art road

Happy Thursday!  We have almost made it through the week, hopefully with no major problems or issues.  The hiccup in my week was a leaking pipe in the wall behind my dishwasher making part of my kitchen into a puddle pad for toddlers.  The leak has been found a few floors up and hopefully my kitchen will be back in order later today or early Friday at the latest.  Some days I feel like I live on the Titanic!  This is the third flood in seven years, so I think that I have had my fair share and should be exempt from the next round.  At least the hole in the wall is behind the dishwasher and will not show.  Oy!  All I wanted to do this week was paint and ended up washing countless towels that smelled rather like a wet dirty dog.  I am calm, I am serene.  I am going to paint!

I rather like all things "folksy."  Folk music was my music of choice for many years and I still listen to it on occasion.  To me, "folksy cuisine" means comfort food, like a macaroni and cheese casserole with the nice crusty cheese/bread crumb topping or a crumble dessert - warm cooked fruit with a sweet crumble topping and often served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.  When it comes to art, "folk art" definitely has its appeal.  It makes me smile and get the warm fuzzies inside.  Folk art is homey and fits into a lot of homes, quite often in the kitchen as it often depicts roosters, kitchen related articles, food, aprons and so on.  Whilst this art form appeals to many, I suspect that just as many are not enticed by its simple charm.  These people are more sophisticated and I am going to guess that their kitchens are rather high tech with all the latest gadgets, appliances and perhaps, extremely modular dishware.  This is not my kind of kitchen, although the thought of new appliances is very appealing and maybe one of those coffee makers that use individual pods to brew just one cup would be useful.  But, as for decorating, I like a kitchen that has a charm of its own.  A room that is bright, has colourful linens, an apron hanging on a hook and decorations on the wall that remind me of a period when time moved a little more slowly.  I have never really done any work in the folk art vein and I think it is time that I gave it a try.  However, I guess you all know by now that I have a slightly wonky sense of humour, one that finds something funny in most situations.  Maybe I will not see the humour at the time, but a little later, once things have calmed down, the smoke detector has been silenced, then I will start to chuckle over whatever chaos I created and thank my lucky stars that it all ended well.  Julie Anne, do not worry!  I automatically remembered when the oil burst into flames to calmly put the lid on the pot and remove it from the hob.  As one of my friends would phrase it "It's all good!"

So, returning to my sense of humour being somewhat wonky, you can expect that my interpretation of folk art "a la Rutheemac" will be a little different and when you look at it, you will immediately know who was responsible for painting these canvases.

My kitchen could use some new artwork to hang around and add a little colour.  I did do the small 4 inch square canvases not too long ago and they do look nice in the dining area, but I think I need some art of a more substantial size.  With that in mind, I picked out some canvas to work on and decided to throw caution to the wind.  I like colour, bright, bold colours and so these canvases reveal the "authentic" me.  I hope that you agree and will take the time to comment on them.  My shoulders are as broad as my butt, so be honest and do not hesitate to tell me what you really think.  That is the only gauge that I have as to how my art is progressing and it helps me to grow as an artist.
I am adding this news just before I put this post up.  My water woes got somewhat worse during the night and consequently, I now have two plumbers running between my flat and the one above trying to solve the problem.  Just to make it more interesting, the bathroom ceiling has also decided to spring a leak.  Seriously, it is and then it is not funny, but I am choosing to laugh.  The water is now shut off to this section of the building and hopefully will be restored later.  I suspect that there may be some overtime for the plumbers.
Meanwhile, I will have to wait until the weekend before I put up the newest paintings, my folk art ones.  I am still working on them and without water, I hesitate to get too involved with them, plus, since I paint in the kitchen and that is where all the action is taking place, it may be wise if I avoid that area for now.  As soon as the paintings are done, I will post them so you can see my version of folk art.  I think it will be worth the wait!
Sincerely,   Rutheemac

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