Sunday, February 5, 2012

Fun in the studio!

It's been an interesting week in the studio.  I decided to go through my rubber stamp collection and resort them into different categories to make it easier to find a particular stamp when I want to work with it.   It is amazing how my collection has grown over the past three years.  Suffice it to say, I could start my own card shop with my collection and cover most occasions for which we send cards.  I managed to condense the collection by using some larger containers for the floral and Christmas stamps.  By doing this, I freed up some much needed shelving room.

Touching and looking at all these stamps got my creative juices flowing and I decided that I should get busy with some Valentine greetings and you can see the results to the side of this blog or by going to Twitpics.   Some of the cards are blatantly Valentiney in nature, others less so meaning that they could be sent to someone to say that I was thinking about them and so happy that we are friends.  No romance required or anticipated. LOL  The messages have yet to be inscribed on the cards and I am pretty sure that some embellishments of some type will be added to each and their envelopes will receive some type of decoration as well.

I would love to see more and more people sending greeting cards, just for the fun of doing it.  I know how I feel when I receive a card in the mail and I save it, tucking it away in a special box set aside just for that purpose.  I have two friends that I regularly send cards to for any number of occasions.  They have each told me that they have saved all the cards that I have sent their way over the years.  They have two of my paintings hanging in their home and made sure that I signed and dated these before they left on that particular visit.  I am not sure who was happier in that moment, my friends or myself.  I love to make things for people and so my enjoyment of making cards allows me to send a little of myself to each person receiving a greeting.

The studio is back in shape and I only have to pick up the tin of coloured pencils that a certain feline dumped on the floor whilst I was in the shower.  I knew something was up when Molly was sitting on my walker and slamming the loo door with her butt.  Trust me, when I say that I was not amused at her antics.  But, if that is the worst thing she does, I can live with it.  She has been rather accommodating by sleeping on my feet the past few nights and keeping my feet warm.

On the agenda this week, is for me to work on my submission for the art exhibit organized by David Sandum.  My acrylic inks have all arrived, I plan on cutting my watercolour paper this evening and hopefully by Monday morning, I will be ready to do some test runs.  Hopefully, by Sunday next, I will have a few pieces to put up with my blog.

Have a great week!  I would love to hear or see what you are up to creatively!

Sincerely,   Rutheemac


Redpaint said...

Hi - I really enjoyed reading your blog this evening, and love your cards. I'm a painter of mostly tiny little leafy pictures, and that is what I spend my time doing when I'm not in the world of REAL work! My work is seasonal in a different way from yours, because it's not painted for any occasion, but it reflects what's going on outdoors during the year.
Happy stamping!

Rutheemac said...

It is always interesting to hear about the kind of art that each artist is involved with. I love making cards for occasions, but make a lot of cards just for the fun of seeing what I can come up with. Hopefully, Sunday next, I will have a couple of ink paintings to show.