Monday, February 27, 2012

Spinning my wheels but moving along!

It is hard to believe that another week has sailed by and I am sitting here typing away trying to get a post up to let you know what I have been up to in the studio and just in general.  Time seems to advance more quickly when you have a lot of ideas to work, transferring them onto pieces of canvas or jotting down events or your perspective of them in a journal.  So, this week did advance in most areas, but at a pace of one step forward to two steps back, a ratio that was not entirely satisfying.  But, it allow me to progress on my journey, just in baby steps as opposed to a sturdy, well balanced stride.

I am still playing with the acrylic inks and attempting to put what I see so vividly in my mind down on a small piece of watercolour paper.  At one point, I decided that it might yield better results if I were to work on a regular sized sheet of paper and then work down in scale until I reached a postcard sized piece.  This seems to be working better for me and I managed to get some work done on two pieces neither of which are completed.  I sit down in the studio, turn on the CD player and lose complete track of time.  More than once I looked up to find that it was after midnight and hastened to tidy up, rinse out brushes and join Molly Cat who was already snoozing soundly in the bedroom.  She does not like it when I disturb her by moving her so that I can slide under the covers, but I am adamant that I take my rightful place in the bed.  Molly then retaliates by crawling up on top of me and curling up on my lower abdomen preventing me from turning onto my side or shifting my position.

Truthfully, I do not have a lot to show for my efforts of this past week.  More than one artistic attempt was binned after not developing or showing any promise.  Colours did not come out the way I had intended, subject matter illusive, and I just could not put brush to paper with any show of promise.  I am being harsh with myself and readily admit that I cannot settle for anything less than my best attempt to develop as the artist I want to be.  Realistically, I understand that it takes time to develop in any field, art being no different than any other.  Consequently, while I am putting up two of the pieces I am currently playing with, know that I am not pleased with them and will be revising them considerably before I can muster any sense of satisfaction.

I need to understand the layering of colour necessary in order to build it up to the level that I am hoping to achieve.  Currently, I seem to have a heavy hand in the application and need to yield to using patience over enthusiasm as I work into the night.  Maybe, and I shake my head at this, I should call it a day and head off to bed a tad earlier.  I have a tendency to get into the studio later than I would really like and then try to compensate by staying there later than one should reasonably expect to with the consequence being a weary artist who has lost her perspective.  Not a good thing!  So, this week, I am seriously going to try to revamp my schedule allowing for an early afternoon session followed by a break for my evening meal and then return to the studio for a couple of hours after which I will camp out on the sofa and read for another couple of hours.  Sounds reasonable, does it not?  I am not so certain that I will accomplish this trend for more than a day or two before I revert to the way I have always worked.  Some changes are just not meant to be, but I will see if it is possible to teach an old dog new tricks.  Okay, maybe the word "dog" is not politically correct in a household that houses a very vocal feline, so maybe I could be the alpha feline who gets to have the last word.  But, only if Molly is agreeable to that.  We all know who calls the shots here and if Molly is not happily satisfied with the state of affairs, then no one within the flat will be allowed any peace.  I am saying this with tongue firmly in cheek.

My resolve to read more, allowing for at least an hour a day, is progressing well and I am into the last chapters of one book, Anne Lamott's "Bird by Bird" and into the opening chapters of Kelly Armstrong's "The Reckoning."  The first book being instructive in my quest to learn better writing skills and the last book allowing me to enjoy fiction with a supernatural theme.  My hope is that in time that I will be able to write a best selling piece, probably involving creatures not common to our everyday lives.  I suspect that these creatures may not be typical to most, but possibly I should not make that assumption.  It is somewhat appealing that a little supernatural could exist and add a little something to our daily routines.  But then, I always have been one to believe in faeries, wee folk, ghosts and such.  A grown woman who believes, now that might not be something I would share with anyone but those who follow this journey as I am fairly certain some acquaintances. i.e. my doctor, would be concerned, to phrase it gently.

What else have I been up to?   Well, earlier, I made a futile trip to an art shop hoping to replenish some supplies that are running low.  Who would have thought that there would have been a demand for frisket all of a sudden?  But, the out of stock sign not only encourages, but allows for a trip later in the week to another shop.  Besides, I might just find a better price on some inks that I hope to add to my stash as well as check on the availability of a hand mannequin that I would very much like to have, but decided that the price today was more than I was willing to pay.  And yes, hand mannequins do exist, but I suspect stay put on the shelves they inhabit if the price I already saw was any indication.  I will let you know how the upcoming trip, currently to take place on Thursday, plays out.  I promise that I will be fiscally responsible.  But, you do know that while some long for the elusively perfect pair of shoes, or the exquisite handbag, I turn into a lust for all things housed in art supply shops.  Well, maybe not everything, but trust me, more than enough items I long for would put me on purchasing restrictions for the month of March, a page on the calendar not yet reached.

So, hopefully, I will make some advancements over the course of the week.  I do have friends coming for a visit one evening which will involve my baking up a batch of cookies and brownies.  No doubt, I will make a dash out to pick up the requisite fruit and vegetables that I seem to be craving of late.  But, my main agenda will be composed of painting, reading, researching and other activities of an artistic nature.  Oh, and activities pertaining to the pampering of a certain feline.  But, we all know that those activities are by far the most important.  That the world does rotate around a certain little ball of fur is a given, as so it should be.

Have a wonderfully inspiring week!

Sincerely,   Rutheemac

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