Thursday, October 14, 2010

Creativity Flourishes Everywhere

So, here we are in the middle of another week.  What have you done to further your interest in creating art over the past few days?  I hear the sighs and the mental comments of "Who is she kidding, not everyone is artistic."  Or, "There's no point, I couldn't create anything if I tried. The last time I painted anything was the bedroom last year."  Fair enough, but what I'm hearing is that maybe you just don't feel that you have what it takes to make something that would be considered art."  My response is that you need to think about what you do every day and look to find the many ways in which you are creative.

Did you have a celebration over the weekend and prepared a special meal?  So, let's see, you would have planned a menu deciding on what dishes would go well together to give a balance of texture, colour and flavour.  Sounds like creativity in progress there.  Then you would have decided on what linens to use on the table, which set of china would look the best and then selected some flowers from your garden or the florist and made a lovely display in the center of the table.  You accented all this with a collection of candle holders and candles that wove their way through the flowers and other table ornaments.  Again, very creative, especially given that you're already cooking the meal, tidying up the house and chasing the dog out of the kitchen.

If you went to a formal party or dinner over the weekend, did anyone help you select the perfect outfit to wear?  No, you went into your wardrobe, picked out that special little black number that makes you look amazing and feel on top of the world.  You accessorized with the perfect shoes and handbag, then found just the right piece of jewelry to complement the neckline on your dress.  Add to that the time you spent doing your hair and applying make up to your face in such a manner that Monet would have envied your use of colour that made you glow from inside and out.  Pretty artistic and creative in my books.

We have make up artists, hair stylists, fashion designers and all these people who we consider to be artistic.  Why then do we not recognize that we do a lot of the very same tasks on a daily basis, but not recognize the creativity in ourselves?  No one has to paint like one of the masters, cook like Julia Child or set a table like Martha Stewart.  You use your own creative instincts in all these areas and end up with a wonderful warm atmosphere in your home that you take pride in, but don't take the kudos for being artistic.  Just doesn't make sense when you think about it.

What I'm saying is that you don't need to devote countless hours to some type of art or craft.  Use the time that you can, but do make a point of setting aside some "me time" that you use to pursue your interests.  Follow up on your dream to dabble in acrylics or try scrapbooking.  Using rubber stamps to make your on holiday cards would be a great project to start off with.  With some cardstock, a few colours in inked stamp pads and a modest selection of stamps, you can create any number of designs to call your own.  Take pride in these creations and make sure you sign your name on the back of the cards.  You'll be pleasantly surprised at how much people enjoy these small pieces of art.  As a bonus, you will likely make a new circle of friends who share your interest.  Don't be afraid to chat with other shoppers in an art supply store.  Everyone is eager to share their tips and suggestions and the next thing you know, you'll be attending a stamp night at someone's home or at a store putting on a promotion.  I'm just saying that once you get involved in some form of art, new opportunities will come your way and you'll enrich your life in so many ways plus learn how to create some special new artwork.

I felt like I didn't have any artistic bones in my body despite the fact that I was a floral designer for 25 years.  Wedding bouquets were put together, flowers arranged for birthdays and anniversaries, and in one case, I made a pig fly through a celebratory luau.  Amazing what you can do with a plastic piggy bank and some balloons tied around that rotund little belly.  But, it looked cute, set the tone for the events of the evening and from what I heard, was the hit of the evening.  But, no, I'm not creative.  Luckily, I have a big sister who wisely advised me to look at trying some painting as a hobby to keep my mind off of the work day.  And so, I started making greeting cards, moved on to painting on canvas, got involved with rubber stamping and on and on.  A trip to the art supply store was like letting a kid loose a candy store, such was the temptation.
Oh, I had it big time and now taking time to paint or do something creative is necessary for me each and every day.  Two years ago I had to give up working due to health issues and if I hadn't cultivated an interest in art, I don't know what I would do with my time.  While I can't paint or do something artistic for prolonged periods of time, I do put in an hour here and there throughout my day and balance it with periods of rest, extra sleep and staying off of my feet.  Since my hands are also affected, I have to be careful not to try to do too much or I'll pay for it in the long run.

Now you know how I came to this juncture in the pathway of life.  I plan to share with you my travels into different types of artwork or crafting.  I'll share with you what I learn, what worked, what didn't and hopefully why.  I have a digital camera now and once I get the hang of it, I'll put up pics of some of my artwork and what I've been working on.  I'd love to hear your opinions as well as any questions that you might have.  At the bottom of each blog there is an area for comments and it has been set up so anyone can make a comment and remain anonymous.  My site does not record e-mail addresses, so you are totally safe in leaving a comment, good or bad.  My only caveat is that if you really don't like a blog or a picture, that you say what it was that you didn't like and why.  Constructive comments are positive and allow all of us to grow, including myself.  I am not presenting myself as an experienced artist, but rather an artist in the making with a lot to learn.

Your challenge now is to think about all the things you do and see where creativity or artistry fits into the equation.  Then, go to the comment form and share your ideas, what you did, how it made you feel and where you want to go with it.  I'd also love to hear from some seasoned artists with their comments, maybe some to encourage us newbies to keep doing what we're doing and maybe include some tips, suggestions of books that might be of interest and so on.

I plan to post a little more often for the first while to try and capture as many people's interest as possible and gather a group of regular readers.  Join as a follower to show your support which will only encourage more and more people to read this blog and join us on our journey.  Pack lightly, only bring along your imagination, a sketchbook and a few pencils.  Art is a forgiving adventure, just get the major ideas down in your sketchbook or journal and fill in the rest later.  The main thing is as in any adventure, you have to take that first step.  Are you willing to take a leap of faith and follow me?  I'm counting on it!

Wishing you a week filled with inspiration, a pencil nearby when you need it and a sketchbook that holds the promise of adventures to come.




ShardArtist said...

So very true, we all use creativity to some degree everyday. I have yet to meet an artist 'who can draw a straight line'.

One observation for a woman with old eyes: I find the gay type on the blue background difficult to read. I'd prefer more contrast.

Thanks for sharing yourself Ruth.


Rutheemac said...

Hi Cate! Thank you for your comment which is a valid one that effects a number of people. I've just gone into the template and selected a darker shade that I hope will work. Let me know if this is any easier to read. If not, I'll change to another colour if necessary.