Sunday, October 10, 2010

My First Blog!

I'm excited!  This is the first of many steps I'm taking to realize my dream of becoming a recognized artist. After dabbling in art forms over the past two years, I've found that I love to paint with acrylics, I'm drawn to try mixed media pieces, and I am addicted totally and completely to creating something that while it pleases me, I want it to draw a reaction, a feeling, an emotion from the viewer.

At present, I don't have a digital camera, but I'm working on that.  I'm using a computer that is over 8 years old and I'm praying that it hangs in until I can purchase one with a lot more RAM and maybe some of the newer programs available for me to try in my endeavours to learn more about digital art as well as the art I create at my kitchen table or in my bedroom which has been converted to a combination of an art studio and a bedroom to a minor degree.  There's a bed and a dresser, but little else to make one think of a lush and inviting place to sleep.  Sleep isn't my priority, art is and will be for many years to come.

Along with painting, I enjoy stamping, making journals, bookmarks and all sorts of creative things that I hope others will enjoy as these often become a birthday, holiday or a just because it's today gift.  With the December holidays just around the corner, I'm already in the midst of making holiday cards, wooden ornaments, lavender sachets amongst other things.  Yes, there will be baking done as well!  Couldn't forget two importent men in my life, the two Chrises, one who lives to sample brownies and the other who enjoys anything that has condensed milk in it and is cut into large calorie laden squares.  I'm sure I'll find some other  creative things to do as well and I'll be sure to report back to my friends, who I hope will follow this blog, on how my projects turn out, what problems I encountered and any other notes of interest.

At present, I'm working on three paintings, all acrylics.  Two are companion pieces that will find a home with my boys.  One piece relates back to icons of the 80's, a decade of importance to the lads since this was the time of their formative years.  The second piece relates to the new millenium, a time when I met my friends and the collection of illustrations in it will bring back memories of events that took place in these last ten years.  But, there is one piece that is the connecting part to the two canvases.  A map of Africa is center and up front in both pieces.  If you recall, back in the 80's, Live Aid was an event held on two continents to raise both awareness and funds to support work being done in Africa.  Even now, in the "new millenium", work still is being done and urgently needs to continue, hence the representation in both pieces of art.  Is it a sad commentary that despite the number of years gone by, that major help is still needed to bring this country the help it so badly needs?  Yes, it is.  Once these pieces are done, I'll post pictures of them for you to see and comment on.  I've tried to keep the pieces light hearted, these are pieces I hope will hang in a place of honour in the Chrises' home, and I really don't want to make these artistic journeys into downers.  I want to celebrate art, but yet quietly bring to the foreground the statement that "the more things change, the more they stay the same.

The third canvas is one that is both a labour of love, but still has elements of sadness, discord, and imbalance R.E.M. recorded a song, Losing My Religion some years ago.  That song always captured my attention whenever I heard it and it has made me think about my ideas of religion, how they have impacted my life over the years and even now cause me to second guess my beliefs, morals, pretty much everything that I just took for granted for so many years.  I hope once it's finished, that I'll be able to post it and get some commentary from everyone.  It may cause some people to feel uncomfortable, maybe even stir up some controversy, but that's all good.  For, isn't it the purpose of art to bring us all together to discuss what is depicted on the canvas and maybe generate a debate or two?  I hope so!

 I also hope to carry you along with me on my journey to discover what I learn as I try new techniques and challenges.  It's going to be a winding journey that takes you all over the map and through some scary places (not too scary!), but I hope you'll come along with me and discover that you too would like to start a journey of your own.  Maybe it won't be in art, but those taking any type of journey that gives you the potential to learn and grow, is a worthy one.  Let me know about your journey and how it has changed you.  I'll share my thoughts on my journey and where it has taken me and we can swap psychic battle wounds.

Okay, this was a difficult first post for a newbie.  First, I'm not one who likes to be too open about myself.  I'm the one who stands back and listens quietly, hoping all the while to remain invisible.  Well, I've taken that first step out of the cocoon and I'm ready to carefully make my way and share my thoughts, worries and hopes with you.  We're going to have a great time here, I can pretty much guarantee that!

Wishing you all happiness, health and the strength to stretch your capabilities and try something new!

Sincerely,  Rutheemac

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